Can a Hernia Cause Premature Ejaculation?

can a hernia cause premature ejaculation

The hernia is a bulge that is protruding from the groin area. Inguinal hernias are usually found in men, but some women also develop this condition. Hernias can cause pain and affect the function of sexual activities.

Hernias are not considered very serious these days. However, they can be a complication that may require surgical treatment. If you have a hernia, your doctor should discuss whether you should undergo surgery. There are many options available for you. Several options include medications and counseling.

Hernias have the potential to cause problems with ejaculation, and your doctor should discuss it with you. If you have an inguinal hernia, it is important to get the treatment you need to relieve the symptoms. The hernia can cause pain, which can inhibit the ability to ejaculate. This is not an uncommon complication of hernia repair.

After hernia repair, a small percentage of men may experience erectile dysfunction. In most cases, the symptoms are temporary, but if they persist or worsen, you may need to seek medical attention. The condition can be treatable with medication, physical therapy, and psychotherapy. You can work with a mental health professional online.

Some of the common causes of erectile dysfunction are stress, central obesity, and vascular and heart conditions. The disorder can occur in any age group, but older males are more likely to have this problem. Several of the common causes of erectile problems are known to be linked to smoking and diabetes. You can avoid this condition by improving your diet and staying physically active. Getting help with erectile dysfunction should not hinder your love life, but if it does, you should discuss the problem with your partner.

Hernia repair can be a very serious problem, as it can cause erectile dysfunction, pain, and sexual dysfunction. These complications are rare. A study by Aasvang et al. in 2010 surveyed 442 patients who had undergone inguinal hernia repair. The study showed that a number of patients reported pain before and after the surgery. In addition to pain, a number of patients had complications such as wound infection, fluid buildup, intestinal blockage, and lingering discomfort.

A hernia can be painful, and you might experience a burning or searing pain when you ejaculate. It is not uncommon for this pain to last for hours, so you should seek medical assistance if it continues. You should also limit your activity during sex to reduce the amount of pain you feel. Over-the-counter NSAIDs can be used to help ease the pain. You should rest and take it easy after hernia surgery.

There are a variety of options for treating erectile dysfunction, from medications to counseling and physical therapy. The most effective treatments are based on the type of problem you have. If you have hernia surgery, you may not be able to use erectile dysfunction medication. In fact, the medication might actually increase the risk of complications, so it is best to speak with your physician about the possibility of taking a medication after hernia surgery.

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