Indiana treatment center

Indiana treatment center

It takes courage to seek expert help for your addiction. The next and equally important step is finding the best addiction treatment program for your recovery needs. The ideal care for your substance use disorder relies on various factors like the degree of your addiction and your mental as well as overall health needs. At Hickory Recovery Network, we’re a premier Indiana treatment center that’s committed to ensuring you’re enrolled in the right addiction treatment programs that will enable you to reach your recovery goals.

Different Types of Treatment Centers Commonly Found in IN

With so many top rehab centers in Indiana, IN, selecting the perfect rehab for you can be a bit challenging. Here’s an overview of the popular treatment programs in IN to help you understand what they’re all about:

  • Detox

Detoxification is essential in addiction treatment for a lot of people with a substance use disorder. Because quitting drinking or taking drugs can have adverse and even life-threatening consequences, detox in rehab is crucial to monitor your vitals, manage the withdrawal side-effects, and make the process as comfortable as possible until the drugs, alcohol, and toxins are no longer in your body.

  • Inpatient Residential Rehab

This is the most comprehensive and intensive form of addiction treatment. Programs in an Indiana inpatient drug rehab last from 30 days to over a year. People with deep-seated addictions will benefit the most from drug and alcohol inpatient rehab in Indianapolis.

  • IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program)

IOP is recommended if you’re unable to commit to an inpatient program but still require more structure than an outpatient rehab can provide. The intense treatment in an IOP includes many hours of individual counseling, group therapy, and education.

  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient is a step-down program from inpatient treatment. In this stage, you receive treatment in one of the best addiction rehab centers in Indiana but don’t live in the facility. Many of these programs provide counseling and addiction education.

Type of Treatment Center We Offer

Regardless of the kind of addiction treatment you require, we have programs designed to suit your recovery needs. As an accredited rehab center, we offer residential treatment, intensive outpatient programs, dual diagnosis, individual therapy, and group therapy. With highly individualized treatment plans and licensed staff, we’re fully equipped to set you on the path to long-term sobriety.

Why Us?

Mental health disorders, stress, peer pressure, genetic vulnerability, and a history of sexual or physical abuse are some of the reasons that make people more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs to cope. As such, it’s critical for individuals with a substance use disorder to find a rehab facility like ours that can fully address their needs. When you come to us, you can access treatment that caters to your sobriety needs without judgment or fear. We’ve developed programs that will enable you to manage stress better as well as identify physical and emotional triggers that increase the likelihood of relapse. And once you’ve completed addiction treatment in Indiana, we’ll equip you with tools for staying in recovery.

Get on the Road to Recovery Today

At our Indiana treatment center, we work with clients to develop highly personalized addiction treatment plans. All our programs combine holistic and evidence-based treatment protocols to address your emotional, mental, and physical needs and increase the chances of a successful, lifelong recovery. In addition to therapy, we also teach you what compels and triggers you to drink or use drugs. This enables us to work together to help you develop positive skills and healthy coping strategies for sobriety and relapse prevention. Verify your insurance: Admissions:

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Indiana treatment center

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