Alcohol Rehab Austin TX

Alcohol Rehab Austin TX

Quantum Recovery Services was created to provide people with the best chance of recovering from substance abuse addiction. Alcohol rehab understands that addiction affects all areas of life, including health, relationship, family, and finances. Quantum Recovery Services provides addiction treatment to individuals across Austin who need professional help to combat their substance abuse disorder.

As a leading addiction residential and inpatient treatment facility, our treatment programs offer professional counseling and treatment. While all the clients we have effectively treated can give their reasons why they should choose Quantum Recovery Services, here are just a few reasons why we are one of the top rehab centers in Austin, Texas. 

Superior Clinical Programming

While working to provide a comprehensive and compassionate experience for each of our patients here at Quantum Recovery Services, the team who works personally with our patients also maintains the most respected standards with the industry. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, which includes residential treatment and detox, is prepared to accept anybody struggling with specific challenges.

We provide a wide variety of drug and alcohol treatment programs, which include cognitive behavioral therapy since we understand that every patient has different treatment needs. The facility also provides a variety of specialized groups, including age-based, such as an adult residential addiction treatment in Austin, gender-specific, and meetings that focus on the patient with co-occurring disorders. 

A Respectful and Dignified Environment

At Quantum Recovery Services, we work to engage each of our clients in a face-to-face approach, offering them the utmost care and attention. The Austin alcohol rehab pride itself on treating all of our patients with respect for not only who they are but the particular condition they are struggling with.

One of the most challenging parts of substance abuse disorder is that the problem can significantly impact one’s gauge of his/her own self-worth. With the complete understanding of the cause of your addiction, our team will work to make sure we are only responsive and effective in the care we provide, which includes being understanding, compassionate, as well as providing sources of support and strength.

Our Sober Companions Help

It is normal to feel anxious about going home after your addiction treatment. You have put in the work to get sober, but it seems like it may be more difficult to stay that way once you are on your own. Quantum Recovery Services can offer you a sober companion to be with you as you face the challenges ahead. The facility has trained professionals from all walks of life to fit discreetly into any lifestyle. Quantum Recovery Services offer the solutions and resources you need when you need them.

Learn More About Quantum Recovery Services Today

To get more information about alcohol rehab Austin, please reach out to us at Quantum Recovery Services. We can help determine if you or your loved one requires the kind of drug and alcohol treatment program we offer, as well as answer all of your questions without hesitation. For alcohol rehab Austin, Quantum Recovery services can help you. Verify your insurance now: 512-829-6092.


Alcohol Rehab Austin TX