Knee Surgery Thousand Oaks

Knee Surgery Thousand Oaks

Many people have pain, swelling and discomfort in their knees, particularly as they get older. Your knees are the largest joints in the body and they can deteriorate over time. The knees are also prone to injuries due to sports and repeated lifting and other activities. This results in pain, discomfort and immobility. If you are dealing with knee problems it may be time to consider knee surgery in Thousand Oaks.

Symptoms of Knee Conditions

Some of the most common symptoms of knee conditions include pain, swelling, discomfort when moving your leg or knee, difficulty squatting or walking, loss of motion and numbness. It is common for people to experience knee problems as they age and they can also be caused by sports-related injuries.

The general rule of thumb is to seek medical attention if the pain and swelling doesn’t subside normally after a couple of days of rest and care. Certainly not every injury will require knee surgery in Thousand Oaks. Many injuries are minor and can be resolved through a variety of treatments as well as therapy.

If you are having trouble walking and are in a lot of pain, it is best to visit the doctor. In some cases, knee surgery in Thousand Oaks will be recommended. There are different types of knee surgery options depending on the type of condition that you are experiencing.

Knee Injuries

Meniscal tears are common problems that happen when the knee twists during a movement. The resulting injury can be minor or more serious in nature. A repair can be made to the meniscus, the cartilage that cushions the knee. Arthroscopic surgery can repair the tears or can remove the meniscus partly or completely. This surgery will allow you full recovery and you will be pain free after recovery.

Ligaments in the knee connect the joint to the upper and lower leg bones. When the ligaments are damaged injured they need to be repaired. These types of injuries are common with participation in sports. The treatment will depend on the severity of the injury. Sometimes knee surgery in Thousand Oaks is recommended while other times rest and immobilization can be successful treatment.

Cartilage injuries are also common in the knees. This type of injury is most likely to occur in older individuals as the cartilage wears away. When this occurs, the joint bones begin to scrape against each other without protection making it difficult and painful to walk. In many instances, this situation can be helped without surgery.

Tendon and muscle tears are injuries that can put a strain on the knee. This is an injury that often occurs with athletes. The injury is immediate and can be painful. These injuries respond well to rest, application of cold compresses and medication. In some instances, tendon problems are due to tendonitis or bursitis and in these cases knee surgery in Thousand Oaks may be beneficial.

Pain and discomfort in your knees may be the result of a number of different things. An orthopedic surgeon will examine your knees and complete the tests necessary to provide a diagnosis and complete treatment plan.

Knee Surgery Thousand Oaks

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Knee Surgery Thousand Oaks

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